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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

professional wrestling, for the record

Yes, I know it's fake. But seriously, folks - fake is not term to be used here. Yes, the moves are choregraphed and the outcome predetermined, but that's it when it comes to fake. "Fake" only pertains to the fact that it cannot be classified as a sport due to the previously listed reasons. And now it is openly referred to as "sports entertainment".

The day-to-day grind and the injuries sustained on a frequent basis are all too common. Chair shots to the head. Jumping ore falling from the top turnbuckle to the floor below. Botched moves. Broken bones. Torn ligaments. And this happens 5 days a week for these guys. And there is no off season.

Being out injured will lose your spot in the overall rankings on the roster, as well, causing many to continue wrestling while hurt. Doesn't sound fake to me.

Granted, yes, wrestling does, especially when it has to do with WWE and not all wrestling companies, cater to the lower common denominators, it does have it's place. I find it embarrassing myself when I run into average wrestling fans who, for some reason, still think it's real. Then there's the smart fans who think they know better, who need to stop and remember that it is for entertainment purposes only, and that if they think they can book better matches and storylines, apply for the job, or "shut...the hell...up", as Chris Jericho would say.

A famous wrestler and one of my favorites, the Undertaker, quoted a more realistic conclusion about wrestling - "For those who understand it, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't, no explanation will do."

For all your wrestling news, there really is only one site to which you should go.


Nuff said.


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