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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Voyage Of Discovery

Well it appears our solar system has a tenth planet. Oh, the controversey ensues. What to name it. Is it a planet? What about the others nearby.

There is an object that is round and cirlces the sun. Sounds like all of our planets. But we've had nine for eternity. But our ability to see further out hasn't always been there. So it is with this new planet. We are now in the process of enlarging our very own solar system. All textbooks, at least the science books, need to be re-written.

Here's the discrenacy, though. This tenth planet is twice as far from the sun as Pluto. That's a long way if you ask me. It orbits our sun, making it part of our solar sytem, but passes through the Kuiper Belt. There are many objects there that are large, round, and would be classified as planets, according to our standards. And one could even argue that Pluto is part of the Belt, although right at the edge, and was the only thing we could see at the time.

Do we relegate Pluto to the Kuiper Belt, or add the tenth planet, and possibly others nearby, that meet our criteria for planets? Either way, history is changing before our very eyes, at least when it comes to textbooks and curriculums.

Oh, this is an exiting time. I'm not even going to express how it should be classified because the process is ongoing, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Now if we could just build a spaceship that could take us there in a matter of days or weeks instead of light years, well then...


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No Question: It should be called Chuck Norris....


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