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Friday, December 02, 2005

Hands in the "Tookie" jar

So the date is set. Tookie Williams will be executed. Hmmm, how long has he been in jail? Oh yeah, 20 years. Let's backtrack for a second.

Okay, he is c co-founder of the infamous Crips LA street gang. He commits crimes. He even murders. And to this day, he refuses to admit to the crimes. Whatever. Sentenced to die. All I want to know is, why has it taken 20 years?

I uses the cookie jar analogy for a reason. This particular case is in the spotlight and everyone has a hand in it. The media is all over it. The guv can't decide what to do. I think normally he would grant clemency, but unfortunately, politics dictates it to be bad move. Too bad.

You have a guy here who's been in jail for 20 years. He's written children's books. And they're being read in schools. If that isn't a case for rehabilitation, I don't know what is. You can't kill him now. You'd be making him a martyr. People seem to forget that jail is supposed to rehabilitate.

If you're going to kill him, it should be done after the senmtence was handed down, not 20 years later. How would you like to be sentenced to death and sit in jail and never know when it's going to happen?

Besides, granting clemency isn't the same as releasing him. So he's in for life. As far as I'm concerned, he's leading a productive life; behind bars. And the educational system is benefitting from it.

You can't kill him now. Let it go.


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