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Monday, December 19, 2005

Credit is debt, waiting to happen

I 've had problems with credit, twice in my life. I decided years ago, no more credit cards. It messed up my rating, but at least no one else would want to steal my identity.

So now I only deal with cash. Renting a car, hotel, or securing travel arrangements can be a hassle without a card. I suppose I could do the secured card thing. But then I'd still have to pony up the $300-$500 dollars reuqired to keep in the account. So, basically, you're borrowing against your own money. And if you choose to make a partial payment, you're paying iterest as well, to the company; on your own money! That sucks.

So dealing with cash only can be very humbling. It teaches you to live beneath your means. It makes you save for something you want. It makes you get what you need first, before what you want. the cars, hotels, and airfare, well, you have to save up for it anyway. It can all be done in person. You can make a reservation with a card. They allow a certain amount of time. So I send them a money order.

I only deal with cash and money orders. Doing it this way has kept my actual bills down to 4. Rent, phone, gas/electric, and cable. And the 3 utilities are paid in cash at one place 4 blocks from my house.

Life simplified.


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