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Friday, December 02, 2005

Somewhere over the rainbow

Mom, where are you? You left home in Oklahoma in 1962, for San Francisco, to have me. But you did so because you wanted a better life for me. You chose a great couple (the Long's) who raised me from birth, put me through school, and supported any and all endeavors I chose to partake. I was told about this at a young age. So young, I didn't even undrerstand it.

Up until my adopted mom's death in 95, she wondered why I never asked about you. I told her it wasn't personal, and that it was she who raised me, so it was out of respect to them. (Dad passed in 89.)

I know you were unwed at the time, but I did find out there were 3 birth certificates cross-referenced. One for Long, one for you, LaFever, and one for the father, Brewer, which I know even less about, except that he was from Texas.

As you can see, I changed my last name to yours. My sister got upset. Said it was not right and mom & dad would not approve. I asked her what her last name was. I guess it must be alright to change it when you get married but changing it to your birth parent's name, after the adopted ones have passed, is not. (OUCH)

I understand years later, you married, so your surname may not be LaFever anymore. I also know you were 19 at the time, so I still have a chance because that would make only 62 years old.

LaVeda LaFever, if you're out there, let me know. Your first son is here waiting to say I love you. There was never any bad feelings. I understand mothers who do this tend to wonder about things like that. You needn't worry.

I just want to know you.


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