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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Homeless? Or Transient!

The answer is easier than you think. First off, they are two dogs with different fleas. (Literally) Homeless does not necessarily mean on the street. You've heard the phrase: homeless and living on the street. That's because homeless and living on the street don't always go together.

Homeless is just that. No home. You can be in a shelter and still be homeless. Some stay with friends, but are still homeless. The only one with a gray area is moving home with parents. It's not yours, but it's still part of the family.

Homeless that are not living on the street, are working to get back on their feet (poetically speaking). They're registered with agencies. They're sending out resumes and going on interviews. No one needs to know that you're staying in a shelter or a daily/weekly hotel.

Now, if you're living on the street, then it's by choice. You're transient and you'd rather be there. Don't tell me there's no room in the shelter. I know there is. The problem is, you want to come and go as you please. And the shelters don't allow that. Which means protection from the outside elements is not as important as having to come and go as you please.

San Francisco does NOT have a homeless problem. There. I said it. It had to be said. Somebody's got to say it. The real problem is transients. Street people. They only live for their vices. If you're not from here, or grew up here, or called bad areas your playground, you don't know jack.

I had a high school friend who was in the same boat. No job. Hated authority. Would rather beg to provide for his habit. Daily/weekly hotel? Nope. Cuts into his funds. Shelter? Can do what he does there. Prefers the church steps. Homeless? No. Transient? Yes.

So spare me the homeless guilt. The ones on the streets aren't worth it.


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