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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Up In Smoke

I hate smokers. How's that for bluntness. There's nothing good about them. They discard their butts on the sidewalks and streets, and don't even step on them. They're outside all the time creating smokescreens than the rest of us have to walk through.

Why, one time, I heard a company created a policy that dictated those who smoked, only got a half hour for lunch, while those who didn't, got 1 hour. Easily tracked. People leave and hang out front. Several times a day, for periods of up to 20 minutes. Sure, they SAY they're taking a 5 minute smoke break. Geez, it takes 5 minutes just to get out of the building. Then you have the friends who stand around chit-chatting. So much talking that half the cigarette goes up in smoke without ever being inhaled. So what do they do? Light another one.

You're entitled to a half hour. But not an hour. So why do the smokers only get a half hour? Because you only are entitled to 1 10 minute break per 4 hour period. And smokers take 10-15 minute smoke every couple of hours; some every hour.

This is why American productivity is down. Too many smokers out front, lighting up, instead of at their desk, "handlin' dey bidness". And those who don't smoke have to cover while they're outside.

Just like parents can leave early for family reasons, and not have those couple hours deducted from their vacation time, but single persons don't.

Same hypocrisy.

Oh, by the way, the smokers complained about it being unconstitutional, and unfair, so the company had to give up that policy.

But you KNOW they're being watched.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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