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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Gong Show Revisited

Yup, it's the next American Idol. Good God. I watched last year. Actually, I should say I got hooked. Bo Bice should have won. But what's-her-face was prettier. Or maybe it was because there are more country fans in America than rock fans. At least not in the Bay Area. What did you expect? Two people with talent, you need a deciding factor. Human behavior has always been about popularity. Bo was more versatile, by the way. The other one was only good at country-style.

I loved the Gong Show. J.P. Morgan - what a slut. Just like Paula Abdul. Dating a contestant. What a slut. I'd still do either of them. Just not JP now. Well, she's probably passed on anyway. RIP.

Then there's Simon Cowell. What a dickhead. Oh, let me rephrase that - what a dickwad. Just like Rex Reed. If I didn't know he was married, I'd say he was a gay. No wait, that's an insult to the gay community. He would make the perfect flaming queen. (There goes the neighborhood.)
Really. Who else would say not just "you don't have it", but throw in the demeaning, humiliating, epithet to boot.

But that's what Simon does. "I think you should shave your legs and put on a dress, because it appears to me you want to be a woman". I kid you not. The kid was devastated. Left the building crying. While Simon may be right, it still doesn't serve any purpose to insult on national TV.

Payback time: The last guy on the show, a true nutcase, admitted to talking to animals, which is not a bad thing. Anyone with pets, talks to their pets. And we sorta know what they're saying. There IS communication between species. Ever watch the Discovery Channel? You should. Anyway, this guy said his animals talked back - in English. Well, Simon's expression was priceless. So, to get even for his past tirades, Paula and Randy voted Yes, and sent this guy to Hollywood.

Needless to say, he'll obviously be out in the first round.

And Simon will still be a dickwad.


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NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez


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