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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Taxation Without Representation

Well, happy f'n new year. I suppose the next thing on our minds is filing taxes. As everyone knows, the tax code is humongus. You need an MBA to understand it. But it should be quite simple; so here's my take:

I've filed the EZ form since high school. I lead a simple life. No wife. No kids. no expenses. At least none I can deduct. I do donate to the occasional charity, but I don't deduct it. Why? Because then it wouldn't be charity. Duh!!

Anyway, I file the EZ form. So it goes, you would think that the amount taken out of my check twice a month would match what I owe the government. Yah, in a perfect world. I always owe. So I claim "0" so as to not owe as much. Then I get a small refund. Then someone tells me, you're lending money to the government, interest-free. Get the F out. So it's back to "1" and owing at the end of the year. Why? Aren't my deductions and what I owe suppose to match?

I think it has something to do with the tax code changing throughout the year. Which usually means that taxes have gone up. So they've gone up during the year, but deductions from my check haven't, thus, I owe. It gets worse people. Does the government wait till the end of the year to go into effect? No. Do they start right when the tax law changes? No. It goes into effect retroactive to the beginning of the year.

So, basically, the government screws you from day one.


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