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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

United We Stand...

Unions. An idea who's time has come and gone. Abolishment is in order here. Yeah, I hear all you members screaming. Why? Because then you'd have to start doing some real work.

Look, it served its purpose when the idea was born and put into action during the 1950's. And it worked for decades. Now, it's useless. Dues are up. And what do you get when you go on strike? A percentage of your salary. And for only so long. It will run out. That's how scabs were created. They got tired of waiting for union management, who, by the way, are lining their pockets as well, first, to get the job done and get their people back to work.

I got hired by the SF Jewish Community Center back in the late 80's. But it was a union shop. What? JCC a union shop? I wasn't even Jewish. At least I was circumcised, but they didn't ask me to prove it. We're in America, so I guess they just assumed it was so. Anyway, evidently, it was a service-workers' union. My job was a mail clerk, for pete's sake. And, as a condition of employment, I was required to join the union. Done.

Then, the contract was up for renewal. Delegate reps asked if I would honor the strike if it came to that. I said. "Fuck you. I'm a mail clerk. I had to join the union to get the job. I'm crossing the line if you go on strike, and if anyone gets in my way, I'll drop you on the spot." (Lucky for them, the contract was renewed without a strike. And everyone stayed out of my way, too.)

Fast forward to today. Now, the hotel and janitorial workers are striking every 6 months. And the majority of them aren't even citizens. I know. I talk to them.

Tell me this: If you're Latin and have a job as a janitor, shouldn't the first word you learn in English be TRASH? Why do we have to put stickers on trash, that says Basura?

Unions. Time to bust a move.


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