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Monday, January 23, 2006


I think not. And here's why.

Ever stand around talking to someone, or pass someone who stops, but you turnaround to talk but continue to walk slowly, backwards? Ever bump into someone accidently, and have to excuse yourself and/or apologize? Yup. Happens to everyone. Happens all the time. But now, fuhgetabouttid.

It just happened to me and the old lady gave me this dirty look. Even after I said "excuse me". Not anymore. As I see it, you owe me an "excuse me" or an apology. Excuse me? Excuse you. Yes, you're right. I wasn't watching where I was going. Yes, I'll be more careful next time. But what's your excuse. You were watching where you were going. You saw me cxoming. Yet you didn't move. You allowed me to bump into you. Better yet, you bumped me, when you could have avoided it.

See, I bumped you accidentally. You bumped me on purpose. You had an option to shift directions to avoid the bump, yet you thought you'd teach me a lesson by not moving. I've got news for you. The next time someone bumps me, I'm not saying shit. And if someone says anything, well, it'll be the last time you don't move when I'm verbally done with you.

So, people, the next time someone isn't watching where they are going, shift directions and avoid the bumps. You're just asking for trouble if you want to teach someone a lesson yourself, for nut watching where they were going.


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