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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Ninja Hitlist: Sprint PCS

Welcome to the debut of the Ninja Hitlist. This is not a list of what's hot, or in. Oh, no no no. Au contraire, mon amie. This is a list that will highlight those that should be put out of their misery due to complications created by their inability to satisfy their customers.

Today's inaugural hit goes out to Sprint PCS.

A year ago, after I started dating someone, it was suggested we invest in a cell phone. Hers had to be replaced, and they had a 2-for-1 offer. It was on her credit and payments went through her. I didn't mind.

Until she grew suspicious of a number regularly called on days when she wasn't in town (due to her other work). So she called the number. Big mistake. First off, it was none of her business. Secondly, she should have asked me first. So she talked to the person who I was calling, and immediately assumed I was having an affair. As it turned out, it wasn't someone I was having an affair with, but a connection, which I won't go into here. I gave up the info to salvage my integrity of not ever chyeating on a loved one. It was a compromise I didn't mind making. It's sacrifices I don't make.

Needless to say, I never used the phone after that. Where is this going? I'm almost there. We don't really date anymore - the split was amicable. So I went to the Sprint store to find out how to split the phones. They said to fill out a Transfer of Liability. Well, just today, I found out from her that they also do a credit check. Not good.

My credit is shot. From the earldays. Old credit cards. Tax liens (see previous post on Me and Taxes). Wage garnishments (from the tax liens). Basically, I live a simple life now. Cash only.

Anyway, they said it isn't much. As low as $250.00. What?!?! They said that was low. I said mine would probably be $1000.00. And get this: it's a 2 year contract. If I back out now, we get hit with a fee.

Never mind the fact that we've had the phone for a year now. And payments are in good standing. Well, er, she's been making the monthly payments. (I pay her when I get around to it. I know, I'm a hypocrite. Who am I to complain about their policies.)

Nonetheless, being stuck in a two-year contract, and not being able to transfer the phone to my name without putting down a hefty deposit to do so earns them a spot on the Ninja Hitlist.


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