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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monster Metal Truck Mania

Actually, it was two different shows. Metal on Friday and Monster Trucks on Saturday. I'd been to the Monster Truck rallies before, and this one was no different. My favorites were there. GRAVEDIGGER IS GOD. But I like Madusa, too. She's a former wrestler, and doing quite well. She tied fo rthe championship last year. BTW, Madusa is short for "made in the USA", which explains her colors being red, white and blue.

But the most fun was the night before. Metalhead mania at a local club here in San Francisco, the underground metal capital of the world (at least it was a decade ago).

Awright, so they were tribute bands. So what. I've seen the originals over and over and over. I've met the originals back when I worked in rock radio in the late 80's. Metallica, Slayer (my fave), Megadeth, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Scorpions. I don't claim to know them as they aren't friends of mine. But I've met them and some I've hung out with. Yup, drinking and talking metal. Way cool, jr. I got pictures so save your breath.

Anyway, the sad part is, it's 2006. All these bands still play, as they rule the metal world now as they did back then. But, they tend to play all the new stuff, and only 2 or 3 songs of the old stuff, which is what I want to hear. Why do you think there are tribute bands in the first place. Because the old fans don't go to the new shows. They want to hear the old stuff. And that's what the tribute bands play.

Damage, Inc covering Metallica, was pretty good. Guitarist missed a few notes, and a little sloppy, too. Singer didn't look or sound like Hetfield, but whaddya expect. He did okay on vocals. The drummer was excellent because he was right there with Lars. Loud and fast.

Children of the Damned, covering Iron Maiden, was really good. The guitars were dead on, and in sync. The singer was good, too, hitting all the high notes. Bruce Dickinson (original Maiden frontman) would have been proud. The cool part: I met the singer at one of his other shows (he likes to cruise the crowd for feedback) when he was singing for Screaming For Vengeance (Judas Priest tribute band). I even remember him telling me on the side he was auditioning for an Iron Maiden tribute band. I guess he got the job. Duh...

Blood Red, covering Slayer, was a missed segment. I arrived late to find their set was only a 1/2 hour. I was pissed. Slayer was my favorite. But it enticed me to go out and pick up a Slayer song book and start learning their songs and putting my guitar playing to good use. Wouldn't that be a kick. Me in a Slayer tribute band. talk about a dream job. Odder things have happened.


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