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Monday, December 12, 2005

DTA (don't trust anybody)

Cuz you never know.

A woman who used to work for my firm, was really nice. She was outspoken, pretty, easy, to talk to. She told me about her living situation being up in the air. I mentioned a studio open in my bldg. I gave her the landlord's number, but told her not to use my name, as she would have a better chance. She called, and was in the next week.

She told how the bldg was cold, so I gave her a key to the furnace room (there are others that have a key, but one other is a nuisance, which will be mentioned shortly). The bldg is heated by radiators, and the tenants don't pay for the water bill - meaning heat is free. But it comes at a price. After about 3 hours, sometimes less, the apts turn into ovens.

On one Saturday, it was turned on at 2pm, and set to turn off at 10pm. I know because you have to physically turn it on - it won't on it's own. It will, however shut off automatically. So, 6 hours was way too long, I reset it to shut off at 7pm. Someone then turned it back on at 9pm, resetting it to turn off at 3am. 3 AM!!! I don't think so. So I switched the locks.

On Monday, I asked my friend if she was the one who turned it on either time, and said no. The later time was most likely the other problem tenant, who's done it before. I mentioned to my frien that I would turn it on each night at 6pm, ending around 9pm.

I came home late Thursday night, and din't turn it on. When I got home from work Friday night, my friend had left a note that she had contacted the landlord. I went down to talk with her, and her boyfriend answered the door with her behind him. Both went on about it not being fair only one person should have a key. I said it's not fair that the heater is on till 3am. I also told the boyfriend with all due respect, he has no say and should keep his damn mouth shut. He wasn't a tenant, and isn't paying rent.

Plus, she no longer works for my company, and isn't working now.

So much for friends.