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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Intelligence by design

First of all, let's remember that intelligent design is religious-based. But if it wer evolution, and man came from the primates, why are there still primates in existence.

I'm quoting my good friend Evan who says it is actually Intelligent Evolution, which makes sense.

Now, I've heard another story that would a twist on the intelligent design theory. And that would be that 5 different pure races came into existence from other worlds and landed here. And those 5 are: caucasians (Europe and Scandinavia), African, Asian, Latin, and Middle-Eastern. Now that's intelligent design.

Think about it: it can't really be evolution, can it? If these 5 pure races, which spawned 100's of hybrids, came down through the centuries through evolution, how do explain the extreme differences in the physiological, physhological and spiritual aspects? Huh?

I know what you're thinking. Caucasians from Chimps. Africans from Gorillas. I ain't never seen no primate with asian eyes. No way, Jack.

So where did we come from. I guess we'll never know.

So stop crying about it and get on with your life.

Till death do us part

So, the gay community is in an outrage over this marriage issue. What for? It's all semantics, baby. Separation of church & state. Sure, you can get married, but not in a church. The Vatican won't marry you because of your sexual preference.

And there's the catch. If you're not getting hitched in a church, it's called a civil union. The marriage won't be recognized by the church. Always have, always will. You can't change the Vatican on that.

But, just the same, sorry, guys & dolls, you're in the same boat with us heteros, or breeders, as you call us (don't get me started).

We, too, when married at City Hall, have to live with the "civil union" moniker. And...it, too, is not recognized by the church.

So get off your high horse, and fight for domestic partner benefits, not the right to get married. It ain't happenin'.