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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No Time Like The Present

Time is constant. Wait, a variable. No, time is a constant in it's variableness. And you can quote me on that. See, time moves. It doesn't stop. It follows the laws of nature, science & the universe. Time bends, in the wake of dark energy, and electromagnetic fields. But in the end, it still in continuous motion.

So why do we talk about the present? Because mankind has to give everything a name. The present is merely the future becoming the past. The present is a process that mankind gave a name to. So you say, "Well, presently..."; that means what you are doing is "becoming the past". The past and the future are "fixed", while the present is "becoming".

Think of it in punctuation terms. The past and future are nouns, and the present is a verb. Everything we think, say or do, is history. Of course, if you think before speaking, as everyone should do, then thinking would be the present, really becoming the past, but what you are about to say, is the future. If you say you are going to do something, then speaking becomes the present, and subsequently the past, but what you are about to do is the future.

Sooner or later, it's all in the past. So why dwell on it.

For now, I'm history.

Until then , which could be next week, tomorrow, in 20 minutes, or in a second. I'll never know.

Suicide Solution

No, I'm not talking about Ozzy, who ended up in court because some kid was listening to that song when he killed himself. Listen up: Ozzy didn't do it. Ozzy didn't tell him to do it. The kid was already wacked. 'Nuff said.

oh yeah, suicide. Kudos to Oregon and the Supreme Court on the assisted-suicide victory. Now, anyone with job benefits knows, if you kill yourself, you don't get any benefits. It's just not in the cards. And your family will have to pay for everything. So. DON'T DO IT.

Now that it's legal, though, that opens up another whole can of worms. If someone is terminally ill, gets approval for assisted-sucide, and does the deed, will their benfeits cover expenses?

To be continued...

But not in my book.

You, Me & Baby Makes 3

So, this lady tries to get through on the bridge without paying, by using the carpool lane. She gets pulled over because it's just her in the car. She says, and it shows, that she is pregnant, but gets a ticket anyway. So baby can't be counted until after it's born.

Why then, if you kill a woman who happens to be pregnant, it's considered a double homicide?

This is the world we live in, people. None of it makes sense. And if you want to exercise your right to prove what you've done, and that it makes sense, you have to go to court. Judge by your peers who really aren't your peers. Makes sense, doesn't it?

The Gong Show Revisited

Yup, it's the next American Idol. Good God. I watched last year. Actually, I should say I got hooked. Bo Bice should have won. But what's-her-face was prettier. Or maybe it was because there are more country fans in America than rock fans. At least not in the Bay Area. What did you expect? Two people with talent, you need a deciding factor. Human behavior has always been about popularity. Bo was more versatile, by the way. The other one was only good at country-style.

I loved the Gong Show. J.P. Morgan - what a slut. Just like Paula Abdul. Dating a contestant. What a slut. I'd still do either of them. Just not JP now. Well, she's probably passed on anyway. RIP.

Then there's Simon Cowell. What a dickhead. Oh, let me rephrase that - what a dickwad. Just like Rex Reed. If I didn't know he was married, I'd say he was a gay. No wait, that's an insult to the gay community. He would make the perfect flaming queen. (There goes the neighborhood.)
Really. Who else would say not just "you don't have it", but throw in the demeaning, humiliating, epithet to boot.

But that's what Simon does. "I think you should shave your legs and put on a dress, because it appears to me you want to be a woman". I kid you not. The kid was devastated. Left the building crying. While Simon may be right, it still doesn't serve any purpose to insult on national TV.

Payback time: The last guy on the show, a true nutcase, admitted to talking to animals, which is not a bad thing. Anyone with pets, talks to their pets. And we sorta know what they're saying. There IS communication between species. Ever watch the Discovery Channel? You should. Anyway, this guy said his animals talked back - in English. Well, Simon's expression was priceless. So, to get even for his past tirades, Paula and Randy voted Yes, and sent this guy to Hollywood.

Needless to say, he'll obviously be out in the first round.

And Simon will still be a dickwad.