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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

professional wrestling, for the record

Yes, I know it's fake. But seriously, folks - fake is not term to be used here. Yes, the moves are choregraphed and the outcome predetermined, but that's it when it comes to fake. "Fake" only pertains to the fact that it cannot be classified as a sport due to the previously listed reasons. And now it is openly referred to as "sports entertainment".

The day-to-day grind and the injuries sustained on a frequent basis are all too common. Chair shots to the head. Jumping ore falling from the top turnbuckle to the floor below. Botched moves. Broken bones. Torn ligaments. And this happens 5 days a week for these guys. And there is no off season.

Being out injured will lose your spot in the overall rankings on the roster, as well, causing many to continue wrestling while hurt. Doesn't sound fake to me.

Granted, yes, wrestling does, especially when it has to do with WWE and not all wrestling companies, cater to the lower common denominators, it does have it's place. I find it embarrassing myself when I run into average wrestling fans who, for some reason, still think it's real. Then there's the smart fans who think they know better, who need to stop and remember that it is for entertainment purposes only, and that if they think they can book better matches and storylines, apply for the job, or "shut...the hell...up", as Chris Jericho would say.

A famous wrestler and one of my favorites, the Undertaker, quoted a more realistic conclusion about wrestling - "For those who understand it, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't, no explanation will do."

For all your wrestling news, there really is only one site to which you should go.


Nuff said.

diamond in the rough

What an understatement. I heard that the diamond market is controlled by DeBeers, a South African company, who sends their diamonds to Canada, to be cut by Armenians. Nothing wrong with that. It's what I found out on www.howstuffworks.com that was so disturbing.

It appears that they hoard their supply and release a limited amount annually, driving up the price. They also were the ones responsible for starting this whole diamond craze back in the 40's with the brilliant ad campaign that stated "diamonds are forever", "diamonds are a girl's best friend", and "isn't a lifetime worth two months' salary?"! Yup.

Don't believe the hype. Diamonds are not rare, and they're made up of the same stuff that makes up the earth, and you & me. Carbon, baby. Simple carbon. I guess there's truth in that old saying about stuffing a piece of coal up your @$$ and turning it into a diamond.

What is LaFever?

LaFever is an ancient Chinese secret. LaFever is an enigma, wrapped in a paradox. LaFever is what the cat dragged in. LaFever can wait, but only so long. LaFever leaves no footprints. LaFever knows Jack Schitt’s relatives. LaFever is hotter than the hammers of hell. LaFever goes without saying. LaFever can look directly at the sun. LaFever is better late than never. LaFever leaves no stone unturned, but then turns them all back over. LaFever won’t make it to heaven any time soon. LaFever is 99 44/100% pure. LaFever jumps at the chance, every chance he gets. LaFever means your kung fu is no good. LaFever has x-ray vision. LaFever intends to finish his degree someday. LaFever doesn’t like Sara Lee. LaFever drinks, and then drinks some more. LaFever can dance, but not jump. LaFever supports the arts, unless it costs money. LaFever interrupts you while you’re talking. LaFever steps to the beat of his own drum. LaFever longs for the good ole days. LaFever requests extra dipping sauces. LaFever’s first cycle was a Big Wheel. LaFever likes it medium-rare. LaFever’s cat is smarter than your honor student. LaFever cannot tell a lie. LaFever is a Nascar and Pro-Wrestling junkie. LaFever rolls with, and pulls no, punches. LaFever knows who you are. LaFever never pays full price. LaFever wears his tattoos on his sleave. LaFever’s favorite color is blood red, neon green and Tony Stewart orange. LaFever has fangs, but hides them well. LaFever knows without knowing, acts without thinking, and speaks without reserve. LaFever is a dragon trapped in a tiger body. LaFever takes the high road, unless principle is involved. LaFever donates to charity, but only with time and energy. LaFever takes it with a grain of salt. LaFever believes in superheroes. LaFever creates but never finishes. LaFever laughs like the devil. LaFever does twice the work in half the time, when he feels like it. LaFever is yin AND yang. LaFever wants to know why. LaFever knows what you’re going to do, before you do it. LaFever says it’s because of the cheese. LaFever is cajun for grandmaster. LaFever loves the earth, but is not of this earth. LaFever plays a mean air guitar. LaFever fears not what he does, but what he can do. LaFever is faster than the speed of light. LaFever means never having to say you’re sorry. LaFever leaves kicking and screaming. LaFever is only here for the beer. LaFever has no boundaries. LaFever is all of the above, yet nothing what you thought, at the same time, but in no particular order.