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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hunters and Gatherers

Ahhh, the hypocrisy of a carniverous lifestyle. I love animals and the environment (but basically, tolerate people). I'm also a meat eater. I could do without it. I don't eat meat for enjoyment. In fact, no one should. Food is sustenance. We need it to live.

I know this will upset vegans, but to hell with you. I eat meat, and that includes poultry and seafood, as well. But I eat it because my body requires a higher level of protein, due to my weightlifting. If I were a vegetarian, I would not be getting complete, whole proteins. Soy, no. Nuts and legumes, no. Milk and eggs, yes, but not if you're a vegetarian.

Which also makes me a hyprocrite, sort of. I love animals, and I hate the way they are mistreated in the those massive corporate farming places, but I eat it nonetheless. Of course, as hunters and gatherers in days of olde, we were forced to hunt, kill and prepare our own food. Now hunting is a sport, which I think is wrong.

But it's so simple and easy to just go to the corner market and pick up my meat. I'd probably be a vegetarian if I were forced to hunt for food. Unless I had someone to do the preparation and cooking. I could hunt and kill. Just not carve it up.

And speaking of vegetarian: have you heard all the terms? I can understand an ovo/lacto-vegeterian no eating meat, but allowing for eggs/dairy, but a semi-vegetarian? I guess that's someone who eats eggs, dairy, and cow, but not pig.

Geez, that's not hypocrisy, that's stupidity.

Key Logic

OK people, how many of you have ever locked your keys in your house or car? Ever? Well, you're an idiot. That's what you get for locking the door by hand, first, and then closing it. You're just asking for trouble when it's completely unnecessary. If you never want to lock them inside, simply lock the door with your keys, AFTER you've stepped out.

Simple enough.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight...

Sleep is a valuable commodity these days. We all could use a little extra sleep. But if you are going to lose any sleep over something, it is important that it is lost over your own affairs rather than someone else's.