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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ironic Weather

Never heard of it. Oh yeah, I just came up with it. Ironic weather is when you look outside in the morning, to see if it's raining, which it isn't, so you get dressed and leave the building to feel a mist. So you go back upstairs and grab the umbrella and trenchcoat and proceed to walk to work. It never rains because you're prepared, which, btw, is Murphy's Law.

By the time you've walked all the way to work, you're wet from sweat. That's ironic weather.

Of course, if you're Chuck Norris, you're sweating bullets.

Steelers Over Seahawks

This year's Super Bowl is going to be cool. Either team can win. No one-sided here. Maybe. Why? Cuz it's anyone's game. It all depends which team is on their game. Here's to hoping they both are.

As for my vote? It was tough. I like Seattle. Holmgren was in SF during the dynasty days. But I liked Pittsburg since I was a kid. Then there's Terry Bradshaw. I like him. Talks non-stop though. I think when it's his time to pass on, he'll be talking when it happens. And he'll STILL have a few words left in him, as the air leaves his dead body. Here's to hoping that's many years away. Terry, I got one word for ya: Decaf.