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Monday, February 06, 2006

For Whom The Bell Tolls

My condolences to the Gracie family. the Martial Arts world has lost a grand master, in Carlson Gracie. The Gracies hit the martial arts world by storm, back in 93 when they first entered the UFC, and proved their art of submission was superior, under the pretense that most, if not, all fights end up on the ground. The Gracies dominated for the 5-7 years, when most of the boxers began learning grappling in various forms, such as jujitsu (brazilian and japanese) , greco-roman (italian), sambo (russian), chin na (chinese), etc.


Rest Stop

You'll have to excuse me for the following. If you've read any of the previous posts, specifically the kitchen-related, you'll know. For everyone else, I apologize. After this, it will never be brought up again.

Which brings me to my point: GIVE IT A GODDAMN REST. Ok, let's clear this up once and for all. I couldn't give a rat's ass about the kitchen. My priorities are, in this order, mail, bank deposits, overnights, office supplies, security, facilities, then the kitchen, when I have time.

There will be NO re-allocation as long as there are some left. If there aren't, it's because there was a delay from the supply vendor, or it was out-of-stock. I do not take suggestions. Mind your own goddamn business.

Does anyone else remember the last person who was responsible for stocking? She probably quit because she got tired of "hearing it". But that was her own fault, as she performed her job in the morning, when everyone was here. I do it in the afternoon, so as to not hear it. Now I'm hearing it during the day.

If you guys spend half as much time doing your job as you do whining about the kitchen, you'd be millionairs and retired already. Half of you probably don't even pay it. And the rest is free! What's your goddamn problem? Shouldn't you have clients to call? For someone who gets paid once a month, and on commission only, you sure are spending a lot of time in areas that aren't your concern.

Here's the scoop: give it a rest or I'LL give it a rest. And if you can't figure it out, everyone else will suffer because of it.

we're done. I'm out.

The Iceman Cometh

As you can tell for me, it was a good weekend. I rooted for the Steelers, and they won.

But the day before was just as important. We had UFC 57 on PPV. The 3rd and final confrontation between Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. Randy won the first battle a couple of years a go. Chuck returned a year later to win, and take the Light Heavyweight Championship from Randy. On Saturday, it was Liddell v Couture 3.

A good friend of mine who used to fight in cage matches, was rooting for Randy, and would win in the first round. I said no, it's Chuck in the second round. Well, Randy and Chuck battled, and by the end of the first round, Randy had a cut over his left eye, and a possible broken nose, and was bleeding, as well. In the first minute of the second round, Randy faked a move, left himself open, and was clocked by Chuck. KO. It's over. The Iceman cometh, the icman knock you out.

But even on a sadder note, Randy chose that night to announce his retirement. Two-time Heavyweight Champion and two-time Light Heavyweight Champion. Not bad for a 42 year-old (Chuck is 38, also not bad.) Which ought to tell you, if you think I can't still bring it at 43...

If you don't start none, there won't be none; but if you want some, come get some.

(BTW, UFC is in the "business" of fight sports. They are not an advertising company, even though their income is derived from advertising, and box office proceeds.)

Stainless Steel

Well, well, well. Kudos to Pittsburgh Steelers. They pulled it off. Hey, what happened to Shaun Alexander? Aww, kept to under 100 yards. My heart bleeds peanut butter.

Awright, the controversey of the day, was that a touvhdown? Or inches-to-go? IT WAS atouchdown. No, it was clear when he was on the ground, he moved the ball over the line. Yes. Because he thought he didn't cross the plain. But if you looked closely at the replays, the tip of the ball crossed the edge of the white line, WHILE HE WAS IN THE AIR. It was called a touchdown, and the replay let it stand. The ground play after the jump is irrelevant. It crossed the plane IN THE AIR. Get over it.

Then, Seattle bumbles the last few plays, and all Coach Holmgren can do to explain it, as he's walking off the field was, "that wasn't a touchdown." Boo hoo hoo.

Sure, they won by more than a touchdown, so you could say it's a moot point, but you can't. That touchdown was a moral victory. If it hadn't happened, the game very well may have taken a different turn.

But it doesn't matter. Pittsburgh won, and Seattle didn't. I feel for them, though. Holmgren was a key player during the 49er dynasty days. So you still gotta give him props.

C ongrats, guys.

(BTW, ABC is a television network whose "business" is broadcasting, producing television movies, series, sports, news, etc. They are not an advertising company, even though that's where their income is generated from.)